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Dispenser 1 CUSTOM version

Dispenser 1 CUSTOM version

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Dispenser 1 food dispenser with any customization requested. 

Want to have an extremely unique masterpiece?  Then the Dispenser 1 Custom version is just for you. Examples on customization: Custom paint, unique reliefs/logo on the tube, picture on tube, etc.

  • Enables freedom to travel for pet owners
  • Ensures that your pets never starve (even in emergency, could save a little life)
  • Saves you time, every day 2 minutes (average 600min/Year = 10hrs/Year)
  • Increased health and decreased stress levels for your cuties (thanks to regular and precise feeding)
  • Increased lifespan for your pet

Much cheaper alternative for pet sitting/boarding with other benefits.

Save up to 2500$ in the next 3-5 years in boarding costs, vet visits, your free time (10 hours a year!) whilst also getting invaluable benefits: longer+healthier lifespan of your cuties, bonus guides and charts, relieved stress + peace of mind that your pets are safe.

90-day trial (Refund no questions asked) + 3 years warranty

+BONUS: Order until 5th December and get a Free Custom Bowl (10$ Value) with your pets name on it!

Recommended for guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, gerbils, mice and rats.

Helps your pet maintain a healthy diet by automatically feeding your pet in time with the right amount of food.

It can feed your pet while you are away, for 7+ days with no human interaction needed.

Useful when pet is alone for longer period of time.

Recommended for up to 2-3 pets. Check the table below.

Note: In case you have to leave your pets home, have someone check on them every 2-3 days. We recommend you to get a Wi-Fi Camera, so you can check on your cuties whenever you want from anywhere in the world.

Leave a note on the kind of customization you need at the cart page (order special instructions). We will get in touch with you after receiving your order to ensure buyer satisfaction and avoid miscommunication.

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Try for yourself: 90-day Trial

Get refunded (no questions asked) in the 90 day trial period

3 Years Warranty

Get your Dispenser 1 fixed for free, in case it does not work properly.

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Capacity: 500ml (2 cups+)

Size: 78x195mm (3.1x7.7in)

Package size: 100x100x200mm (3.9x3.9x7.9in)

Power supply and 2m USB cable included.

Dispenser 1 is the very first automatic dry food dispenser for small pets.

Before leaving your pets home, it is EXTREMELY recommended to read the included guide.

NOTE: Pets diet MUST meet it's nutritional needs. Dispenser 1 only works with dry food, and should not be used as the single source of food for more than a week, because it might not provide sufficient nutrients. Read our Responsible Owners Guide.

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Our Research

We did our research in keeping small pets at home (as well as keeping pets ourselves) , and found that lots of pet owners make huge mistakes harming their cuties (unwantedly). To avoid this, we HIGHLY recommend you to read our Responsible Owners Guide for free:

Do you have more than 2-3 pets?

Dispenser 1+ might be the best option for you!

Nothing to lose.

Buy Dispenser 1 for insanely low price to get (Freedom to travel + Insurance of safety + Emergency saver + Save 10 hours a year + Increase health/lifespan + peace of mind), and if you don't like it, get refunded in the 90 day trial period. But if you do like it, enjoy the benefits and bonuses for the low price.