Laboncz Gergo-Jozsef


  • Founding

    Smarotix was founded by Laboncz Gergo CEO in 2023 with the main goal of making thousands of lives easier with the help of robotics and smart inventions. We could bring new tech and convenience to every home worldwide for more efficiency and productivity and simply a higher standard of living. This is part of human evolution: inventing devices to improve our lives. Smarotix brings the future closer by grasping technology and using it to our advantage whilst also making it available for everyone.

  • The very first: Dispenser 1

    Our very first invention is the Dispenser 1 small pet feeder. This invention solves the first problem we found: feeding small pets while their owners are away. As pet owners, we truly understood the challenges of being a responsible pet owner. As an extra assurance, this device allowed us to stay less stressed, as it fed our cuties no matter what. It brought lots of benefits for the cuties as well. They got the best of both worlds: amount precise feeding always in time, and human love and interaction!

  • EasyWake

    Our second invention is a sunrise imitating alarm clock: FirstGlow. It is part of our EasyWake Program, which can teach anybody how to fall asleep fast, how to stay asleep, how to relax and stay calm during the day and why should they do it in the first place. Simply an alarm clock will not change somebody's life, but a program with the skill to wake up at any time and feel well rested, actually can change lives for the better.