» Always feeling lazy and procrastinating?

» You just have no motivation to get things done?

» Ready to supercharge your productivity levels?


You just found the only guide you will EVER NEED.

Take your next step to get UNSTUCK and start moving forward in life.

Don't worry. You are on the right page.

We can help you unlock your potential:
Meet the EasyWake program.
It not only helps you master the skill of focus and productivity, but also teaches you to Get BURNING MOTIVATION to finish uncomfortable hard tasks and how to stay energetic during a hard workday.
It goes deeply behind the science of THINKING (how we percieve setbacks), our internal rewarding system, our sleep and awake state, how our energy levels behave, and how to NEVER procrastinate again.

We already helped people like you (170+ and counting...) to get more work done in less time, to easily wake up at 5am (or even earlier!), and master useful skills that give you a HUGE advantage (like stress management, growth mindset, mindfulness, how to never procrastinate, how to stand out from the crowd, crave hard work, learn to get fired up with motivation... just to mention a few) and not just read about these, but actually get proven practical step-by-step guide (that actually worked for other students like you) you can follow TODAY for a better tomorrow.

You might be the perfect candidate to enter our program.

"It truly is a lifestyle changing walktrough." If you ever felt that you are:
» Lost, hopeless
» Not knowing which way to go in life
» Always feeling lazy and wasting efforts
» Failing, not being accountable
» Afraid of uncomfortable tasks
» Procrastinating, or always choosing the easier path
- Then you just found the only program you will EVER NEED to change that. Invest in your future, invest in yourself. Get better or we work for free (check our INSANE refund policy here)

We know how hard all this is. We've been there.

Watching youtube videos to improve and get better, trying to be consistent, trying to keep deadlines, feeling lazy, insanely SLOW progress or NO results, having no willpower, always facing setbacks/challenges, and no matter how hard we try, it just doesn't seem to work. And the reason behind it is probably a mindset... You see, different areas of life can only work together like magic, if you truly understand and see the full picture. And most often we only get little parts of the picture online. Once you have the knowledge and science behind all this and practical steps to ACTUALLY PUT THINGS TOGETHER, you will not want to never procrastinate, but actually CRAVE HARD WORK and almost feel offended if you can't be WORKING ON YOUR DREAMS and stay productive. It's the way you think about work, tasks and improvement. If you truly wanted something you might even give your own life for it.
To open your eyes you need such a mindset that rewards effort and thinks of setbacks as opportunities to improve... And that's exactly what we are offering you. Not just information about that mindset, but THE FULL PICTURE.

We help you master it, and make it an integral part of your life. Let us unlock your best version. It only needs to be done once, and afterwards... You become UNSTOPPABLE!

Foolproof decision:

No matter what happens, you get the better end of the deal.
If you like this course, you get to keep it with all it's bells and whistles, but if you don't, no hard feelings. Just apply for a full refund at any time.
Get the stuff we promised
or get your full money back. Win-Win.

You are not the first one reading this...

And probably not the last one. But one thing is for sure: This course changes lives.
And we can say that confidently, not because we researched for months, experienced stuff on our own skin along the way, and after finding scientific proof, and testing on groups what actually works and what doesn't, we made this program. No. We can say our sh*t works because 98% of students are satisfied, and experienced positive results on the second day of entering the EasyWake program!
A common fast result we observe is students waking up from light only (coming from their FirstGlow alarm clock - included in the Premium Bundle). It is incredibly soft and energizing to wake up from soft, imitated sunlight.

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x ALL courses bundle

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  • Recommended by more than 50 users!
  • 90+ Day INSANE Money Back Guarantee
  • 98% of users reported easier mornings using this program.
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Check out our Premium bundle! It contains the FirstGlow smart alarm clock, and other sweet bonuses!

A little background story:

How do we come to giving advice on personal growth and developement?
It all comes down to 3 things:
1. Personal struggles/experience
2. Research and science behind
3. Testing for practical proof

After years of struggling and trying and hardship on our self improvement journey we have found a solution to a broad problem.
To make the most of it, it would be logical to share it with as many people as possible, to drastically help their own journey. In order to do that though, we MUST make sure that the stuff we say actually works, and we must understand why it works... So the research phase began. After many many weeks of reading, researching and fact-checking we made the EasyWake program. We found that sleeping is just as important as being awake! We gave away our stuff for free for a small test group. All the results spoke for themselves, and convinced us: We just found the perfect solution and it does ACTUALLY WORK.
We started selling it as a course (because we couldn't do it for free anymore or we would have gone bankrupt) and as more and more feedback came in we improved it even more.

We were so happy to see it change many lives for the better, and we hope we can improve yours too!

Here's what you get with the EasyWake program (limited time offer)

✔ Full access to the lifechanging EasyWake program (wake up early and stay productive) (50$ Value)

✔ Anti-Procrastination walktrough - To NEVER EVER procrastinate (60$ Value)

✔ Goal setting 101 course - to truly enjoy the journey, and actually get to your destination (50$ Value)

Time management mastery course -(30$ Value)

Growth Mindset forging course - to aim for growth and infinite workpower(150$ Value)
Friendly support to reach out to when things in life just seem to collapse (25$ Value)
✔ Distraction ignoring guide (25$ Value)
50% off COUPON for a friend to do this program together (25$ Value)
✔ And many many more...

** Grand total of 49$ for an insane value of 460$ (if bought separately) /and that 460$ will bring you multiple folds more in higher productivity, efficiency and infinite workpower

✔ Don't forget that this offer is limited and might go out of stock any time!

We don't just give you information.

We give you the opportunity to become better today. Not just information on how to become better, but practical and proven steps that get you closer to your goals. With our methods you can learn skills like never before! Get ahead of yourself by months! Of course you could do all this alone for free, but it would take many many months or years of struggle.
Choose the path you desire. But we can guarantee that you can learn from our mistakes, experience and research in days, that otherwise would take you months. Let us unlock your full potential ASAP. Choose wisely.

"You won't believe the difference EasyWake made for me! I used to dread those tough tasks, but this course totally shifted my mindset. Now I actually get a thrill out of tackling them – it's like a superpower for productivity! EasyWake isn't just tricks, it's a whole new way of approaching challenges. If you're feeling stuck and want to unlock your full potential, this course is pure gold. Seriously, check it out!"

"I feel like I'll blow up every morning from the energy i get! I finally WANT to get things done asap. Completely changed my mindset. Glad i entered this program!"

"Very comprehensive course and such a friendly support! In my deepest downs they helped me push forward and made me work hard even when i doubted myself! Many thanks again! Keep up the good work!"

I still can't believe this was the only thing i needed. After doing the EasyWake program, and truly understanding the Growth Mindset everything just seemed to click. I finally get it why I feel uncomfortable and how to make it to my advantage!"

"Let's be honest, I was a tad doubtful about a $180 course promising to turn me into a productivity machine. But let me tell you, EasyWake blew those doubts away. It was like discovering a secret shortcut, totally shifting my mindset, and now I actually get a thrill out of conquering challenges. It's not just tricks, it's a whole new way of thinking that's unlocked a productivity beast within me. If you're feeling stuck and that $180 price tag is giving you pause, trust me, EasyWake is an investment, not an expense. It's seriously worth every penny. Check it out, you won't regret it!"

"It is so unbelievable that stuff on the internet can change your life this dramatically. Never thought that i could ever work 14 hours a day to make my dreams a reality, yet here i am. It already payed for itself multiple times, and i just finished it 2 months ago. I can only recommend!"

Your journey depends on you. And only on you. YOU must take action, because noone else can. Help us unlock your full potential. The choice is Yours. Hope to see you soon!

(Limited time offer 540$ 131$ ends soon! (2days/10pcs left whichever comes first)

Frequently Asked Questions before starting this course

How can I buy this with my friends for a discount?

After buying this program, you will get a 50% discount code in you inbox (applicable only to the EasyWake program). Give this code to your best friend, to participate in this self-improvement journey TOGETHER!

Will I get my money back if I don't like the results I got?

You can apply for a refund at any time, if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

How long does it take to see results from this program?

On average we observe the first result on the second day of using the EasyWake program. (waking up easily from light). In about a week, users report a change in the way of their thinking and mindset.

I'm afraid what people will think of me if I change that drastically.

The program teaches you how to handle that as well and how to think of changing and being different from others.

Why is this program different than free content online?

This program does not only give you information, but the skillset and the full picture to actually move forward and achieve your wildest dreams. We give you proven steps that worked for other people like you.

You’re going to be paying for the information in this course no matter what, but it’s up to you whether you pay for it with thousands of hours of your time, or $131 for us to condense it for you.

We’ve already made all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to. If you want to learn the ins and outs of Growth Mindset FAST and skip years of finding the knowledge yourself, this course is for you.

I feel like I'm always wasting time. Can you help me with this?

Don't worry. We got you. The EasyWake bonus bundle (limited time offer) includes a time management guide. You will learn to manage your time efficiently, and how to think of time to not feel stressed out.

If I am stuck, can I ask for help?

With the bonus bundle (limited time offer) you also get a friendly support to reach out to when things in life just seem to collapse!

I often find myself stuck on my journey, and it's very frustrating. What can I do about this?

Being stuck on a journey is a very popular problem, and is addressed in the EasyWake guide. The only thing you need to get unstuck is to follow the guide.

What is the shipping time for the physical bonuses?

The shipping time highly depends on your location, varying from 2-14 days.

How much time does it take to finish this program?

The time needed to finish the program depends on how fast you are going through it, but on average it takes about 7 days. All the content is about 12 hours long.