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We can help you learn to get endless fuel and fire yourself up with motivation.
The Action Accelerator program is a guide specifically created to help people like you on their journey on self improvement:
It allows you to master skills like
»keeping up energy levels,
»improve focus and productivity,
»ignore distractions easily,
»get back your willpower and crave hard work, grow, get good habits,
»enjoy painful hard work and
»how to deal with procrastination (Find your procrastinations root cause and KILL IT FOR GOOD). This is the one and only program you will ever need to never procrastinate ever in your life, and actually GET STUFF DONE. We already heped 230+ students. Let us help you too.

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The Action Accelerator helps you master exactly that!

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» Do you struggle with procrastination?
» Have no energy to do the important stuff?
» Always find yourself scrolling instead of focused work?
» Tired of techniques that simply DO NOT WORK?
» Do you just feel LOST?
» Not sure what to do exactly?
» Feel like you make insanely slow progress, lack motivation and willpower, and just feel lazy?
» Have you searched for productivity hacks online, even watched videos and researched the topic, yet you're still struggling to maintain momentum? - We know EXACTLY that feeling. And it's completely normal. But it doesn't have to be. We are here to change that.

How this works?

To find a solution to procrastination, first we must find a why.

So the first thing students experience after entering this program is interesting facts and science backed information on how our mind works, and why would we want to procrastinate. After some basic knowledge about the topic, we help them identify THEIR exact causes of procrastination.
Using different tools like quizzes, guides and forms, we help THEM pinpoint the root cause of delaying important tasks, and help find a solution to it, tailored to solve their specific root cause.

We helped people like you achieve a mentality to not want to never procrastinate, but rather CRAVE hard work and improvement by finding the most efficient way to think of uncomfortable tasks, in order to never ever want to delay a task ever again!

After this, we helped them manage distractions in a weird way that ensures they feel good saying no.
To make sure that things stay on track, we hit all our students up with a catch-up email about once a week. It is wholeheartedly endorsed to do this program with a friend. Students doing this program with friends tend to get better results faster.

Foolproof decision:

No matter what happens, you get the better end of the deal.
If you like our stuff, you get to keep it with all it's bells and whistles, but if you don't, no hard feelings. Just apply for a full refund at any time.
Get the stuff we promised
or get your full money back. Win-Win.

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x Action Accelerator

x Action Accelerator

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The story behind this course:

I'm here to tell you how we came to making this course a reality over the past few years.

It all started back when I was in college.
Those times were tough for me.
I was happily wasting my time playing video games, watching series on netflix, hanging out with my college friends, and hitting the gym once in a while. I barely finished my homework before the deadline, and mostly I finished my tasks in the last minures! I remember once was doing my homework all night long, and uploaded the asigment I had, just 3 minutes before the deadline.

It felt like I was stuck, and wasn't moving forward in life. My favourite bike even got stolen one night, and I've wasted the whole next day in the police station. To make matters worse, soon my first girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me.

I was miserable.

Alone, broken, in a new city, with no visible way out. I was LOST! I had no willpower and reason to wake up. I was scrolling mindlessly, and watching youtube videos all day long.
Skipping classes and getting dopamine from wherever I could.

I suffered.

Weeks and weeks flew by...
I guess i was lucky though.
The youtube algorithm started showing me motivational stuff.

I finally understood that I had to change. I STILL remember to this DAY the moment something clicked. This was the time something changed in my mind, and there was no way back. I had my "F*ck This Moment".
I came across 2 shorts stating that it is possible for anyone to literally achieve anything in life, and the other saying that noone EVER will work for my dreams for me: It could only be done by me. I finally understood.

My mindset started to change, and I started thinking: I am capable of achieveing LITERALLY ANYTHING in life I put my mind to. But for that, work has to be done, and it could only be done by me.

So that made me realize that I must be my best version (as anything less is just not worth it) and that hard work is inevitable.

"If I will struggle anyways, I should strugge for my wildest dreams and nothing less."

I could never be the same. Two years later, here I am: a completely different person, working hard to make my dreams a reality. I've come a long way on my self improvement journey and found many problems and hardship along the way, which took me months to figure out, unnecessarily. This course condenses those years of struggle, and transfers it to your mind so you can learn about it today, and finish it in just 2 days. We made it easy to digest and affordable enough to be accessible for anyone who really wants to change their life for the better and ESCAPE procrastination today.

Here's what you get with the Action Accelerator program

✔ Lifetime access to our Anti-Procrastination walkthrough - To NEVER EVER procrastinate (even if it seems impossbile!)- to say goodbye to procrastination, and say hello to productive workdays, and burning motivation! (60$ value)
✔ 6 Printable guides and assignments to define the root cause of your procrastination and kill it for good.
✔ Step-by-step Distraction ignoring guide - to ignore distractions like never before!
✔ Monthly emails to keep staying productive
✔ Improved focus tips and tricks - to make focused work be effortless
✔ Get back your willpower guide - to make you WANT to be productive!
✔ Growth Mindset basics - to crave hard work, pain, and improvement - to see challenges as opportunities
✔ Control your own mind basics - to be able to say no, and say yes to the more important, motivate yourself even in your deepest downs, get infinite power, learn to get full control and make it to your advantage
✔ BONUS: 50% off coupon to share with a friend, and do this TOGETHER!
✔ Don't forget that the FREE limited time offer might go out of stock any time!

We don't just give you information.

We are offering you a complete solution to a common problem among people on self improvement.
Not just scientifically backed information, and not only stuff that works in practice.
We are offering you the ABILITY to say goodbye to procrastinaion, and say hello to a new, productive you who craves hard work + challenges + painful tasks. Choose the path you desire. But we can guarantee that you can learn from our mistakes, experiences and research in days, that otherwise would take you months.

We don't just give you information (which is available online for FREE), but we also help you identify the causes of procrastination (and lack of willpower) in your specific case, and help you demolish it, so you will never want to procrastinate EVER AGAIN!

"Thank you guys so much! I cant emphasize how useful this little course is! It drastically changed the way i think of tasks, and instead of delaying it further and further away, i am eager to finally start doing it. FInally staying productive feels awesome, and i could never ever procrastinate ever again in my life, even if i got paid for it. Very good course, I can only recommend! Wish you good luck! Keep up the good work!"

"I absolutely swear by it! You've got to try it out, it's seriously amazing and I know you'll love it as much as I do. This is the stuff i would regret not participating in. 5 stars very well!!"

"I was sceptical about these courses (as i've been scammed multiple times before) but i felt i should try it as they have a pretty compelling guarantee and they seemed legit. So i went all in. The detailed guide really helped me pinpoint the source of my procrastination, and they showed me how to stay productive. In other words: I was amazed! Just trust me: you dont want to miss out on this!"

"More than satisfied! For such a price they merely overdelivered! I finished the course in 2 days, but i could only implement the stuff in about a week. It works by slowly changing the way i think about tasks and the rewards of completeing unwanted things. The bonuses were actually helpful and the emails actually deliver value. I might give their EasyWake program a try! Will report how that went. But for this stuff, definitely 5*!"

"The Action Accelerator is the only course i needed. It changed the way I look at business challenges. From spending time with unimportant stuff, i now prioritize and enjoy uncomfortable tasks that actually move me forward as a business owner. It was the necessary stepping stone for me! Recommended!"

"At first I had my doubts, but after seeing the reviews, warranty, and their expertise in their free stuff, i though why not give this a shot? The Action Accelerator course is comprehensive, gives practical advice, and leaves nothing unanswered. My 12 years old nephew would probably understand it with no problems. All in all it does what it says, and it does actually make being productive highly enjoyable. "

The FREE offer ends soon!
Make sure you grab your free access to the Action Accelerator program before the offer ends!
Hope to see you soon!

Others asked these before enrolling in this course:

Is this Action Accelerator Course right for me?

This course is just right for you, if:

  • You often find yourself delaying important tasks
  • You lose motivation faster than a sloth
  • You are lazy, feel bad about yourself, yet still can't change yourself
  • You just finish your tasks before the deadline
  • You just want to increase your productivity, to achieve your dreams faster

Why is this program different than free content online?

You can learn all this on your own, but it would cost you hundreds of hours of your free time researching, and months of trying.

We have condensed years of our experience and struggle into this 2 day course. We also give you proven steps that helped other people like you escape procrastination.

How can I buy this with my friends for a discount?

We recommend you to do this with a friend of yours! We've observed that doing this with peers can help you stay consistent and more committed. Feel free to share this page with your friends, to make this improvement journey full with challenges together! Make sure you all enter before the FREE offer ends!

Will I get my money back if I don't like the results I got?

No hard feelings. You can apply for a refund at any time, if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

How long will it take me to complete the entire course?

Usually it takes about 2 days for students to finish this course.

Considering you get lifetime access, we suggest mastering the lessons at your own pace.

If I am stuck, can I ask for help?

We are here to help!

Feel free to reach out to us for a friendly support when you feel stuck and things in life just seem to collapse!

What tools do I need to complete the course?

All you need is your phone. You can access this course on our website from any device.

For the best experience though, we suggest taking this course on a desktop and keeping a paper handy to jot down your ideas.