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Lithophane Picture (Curved or Flat)

Lithophane Picture (Curved or Flat)

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Lithophane picture. The illustration becomes visible when lit from behind.

This isn't just a picture; it's a unique and heartfelt gift for a loved one. Whether flat or curved, each lithophane adds a touch of magic and warmth to any space.

Bring your memories to light.


Technical Specifications:

Size: 150x150x2mm

Material: High quality 3D printed plastic (Non-toxic PLA)


If you have any questions or need a custom design check out the FAQ section down below, or feel free to contact us.

Fabricat in Romania, Oradea.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Check out our INSANE money back guarantee.
Fast delivery: The average delivery time (from placing the order to recieving it) is 7 workdays.
2 Years Warranty: Get your lithophane fixed for free in case it does not work properly.
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Frequently Asked


Start by choosing a base color by clicking on one of the colored fields.

Then you have to upload your image(s) you want printed onto your lithophane model. In the upload manager, you can crop your picture to fit the 1:1 aspect ratio -needed for the lithophane.

After uploading and cropping all desired images, you can leave an optional note. (If you have a question, please contact us before placing the order)

Then you can click "Add to cart" and proceed to checkout. You should see your uploaded image filenames on the cart page.

We might contact you through email after placing the order for 100% satisfaction.

Average shipping time

When we recieve your order, we start 3D printing the lithophane piece (usually taking 12-20 hours). After that we assemble the whole litght, package it properly, and send it your way. After another 2-3 days, your package should arrive.

So all in all, 6-7 work days is the average delivery time.

What pictures can i upload?

You can upload any colored png or jpg image.

You will be asked to crop the image (using the built-in tool) to match the 1:1 aspect ratio.

The colored image will automatically be transformed to monochrome, and applied to the 3D model.

How many pictures fit on one lithophane?

The number of pictures that can fit depends on which lithophane you choose:

Lithophane picture: 1 Picture

Lithophane LightTube: 3 Pictures

Lithophane SphereLight: 4 Pictures

Lithophane CubeLight: 5 Pictures

You can upload an image collage, but fine details might disappear.

Can i get a bigger or different shaped lithophane?

In case you need a different design/battery capacity/any modification, contact us before placing the order.