Attention small pet owners!

  • Want freedom to travel + Extra insurance your pets never go hungry?

  • Having busy/inconsistent schedule and can't provide healthy diet for pets?

  • Need a guide to SAFELY leave pets home for days?

Or you just want an extra insurance your pets will be fed regularly in case of emergency for days, EVEN if NOBODY IS at HOME

Want to have peace of mind when going on vacation, leaving pets home alone?

If so, keep on reading...

So, we've all been there...
Wanting to go on a vacation but we can't bring our furry friends with us. Leaving them alone is a huge risk, and very unhealthy. If we do decide to leave them alone though, we could try leaving them with tons of food, but as small mammals, the only thing they want is eating. They eat all the available food on day 1, and start starving the next day. Their little body is stressed by overfeeding, and starving afterwards. This causes stress and unhappiness. Ultimately this can cause a shorter lifespan, which we all want to avoid.
So how do we solve this problem?
  • Freedom to travel as pet owners

    Travelling as a pet owner is almost impossible. Having the responsibility of providing a healthy diet for your cuties is no easy task, and can cause stress for the owner. With our Dispenser 1, you can relax without feeling irresponsible or stressed out.

  • Extra insurance your cuties never go starving

    Emergencies do happen, and in case of one happening, the Dispenser 1 might actually save lives. It might happen that you can not go home for a few days. In that case, the Dispenser 1 continues to feed your cuties reliably. It does not provide sufficient nutrients for more than a week, but also avoids starving to death in emergencies.

  • Prolong their lifetime

    The 3 main factors that determines pets lifetime is their health, happiness, and stress level. Having inconsistent schedule means that you can not form a diet routine for your cuties. By feeding precisely using Dispenser 1 you can form a routine that decreases stress level and increases health, prolonging lifetime.

  • The only solution

    Dispenser 1 is the very first automatic dry food dispenser for small pets.

    Before leaving your pets home, it is EXTREMELY recommended to read the included guide.

    NOTE: Pets diet MUST meet it's nutritional needs. Dispenser 1 only works with dry food, and should not be used as the single source of food for more than a week (depends on pets specific needs)

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Our research

We did our research in keeping small pets at home (as well as keeping pets ourselves) , and found that lots of pet owners make huge mistakes harming their cuties (unwantedly). To avoid this, we HIGHLY recommend you to read our Responsible Owners Guide for free. Read here:

Dispenser 1 -benefits:

  • Extra insurance your pet never goes hungry
  • Enables your Freedom to travel
  • Prolongs lifetime and life quality of your pet
  • Could save your pets life
  • Reduces wasted food
  • Saves you time and money
  • Durable with 3 years warranty and 90-day trial (refund no questions asked)

Obtain these huge benefits for an offensively low price

Prolongs pets life+ Freedom to travel + Extra insurance for the price of about 10 cups of coffee (53USD) instead of the stock price of 85USD until 28 December 2023

And the best part?

If you don't like the Dispenser 1, you can get refunded no questions asked in the 90-day trial period.

Nothing to lose

Buy it for insanely low price achieving huge benefits, and if you don't like it get refunded in the 90 day trial period, but if you do like it, enjoy the benefits for an offensively low price.

Why do we have this spectacular offer?

Our main goal is to help lives, so after our research we found that many pet owners struggle with freedom to travel, and with ensuring pets never go hungry. We made the perfect product that solves these issues while also improving pets life.

With a lower price point we can ensure that even more pet owners can afford our helpful product, affecting even more lives.

Why do we want to improve lives? To help everyday persons simplify their life using the magical power of robotics, saving them precious time and money. This way we modernize the world with intelligent inventions, solvng painful struggleing problems, while also taking into account the environment and nature, leaving polluting companies out of business. And while we are making good for the future, we take a small percentage to keep our business running and scaling to brighten the future even more.


Don't forget to order your Dispenser 1 until the offer is available (28 December 2023)

The 90-day trial period is long enough to truly decide if the benefits are worth the price.