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Smart food dispenser for small pets

Dispenser 1

  • Enables freedom to travel for pet owners
  • Ensures that pets never starve (even in emergency, could save a little life)
  • Save time, every day 2 minutes (average 600min/Year = 10hrs/Year)
  • Increased health and decreased stress levels of cuties (thanks to regular and precise feeding)
  • Increased lifespan of your pet
  • Save time and money (up to 2500$ in 3-5yrs)
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What is Dispenser 1?

Dispenser 1 is a programmable food dispenser for small pets living in cage.

Ideal for guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and rabbits.

Who is it for?

Dispenser 1 is for small pet owners, who occasionally have to leave their cuties unattended.

Every pet owner should have one, to help their pet maintain a healthy diet. It feeds your pet regularly and precisely decreasing stress, and increasing health + lifespan.

The main problem

Pet owners can't go on vacation with peace of mind, because they worry about their cuties. They could try leaving their pet with tons of food, but it's risky and very unhealthy: pets eat all available food on the first day! And afterwards? They are starving. Unhealthy, again. Our product solves this problem, and even makes everyday life easier. It might even save your pets life in case of emergency.

Your pets will love it

And You too

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In collaboration with @joeyspikepiggy